Engine Repair with the Family Touch

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, a complex machine that converts heat from burning fuel into the power that propels you forward. There are many types and sizes of engines out there on the road, every one of them requiring regular specialized care. No matter how good of a driver you are, engine repairs are inevitable as the miles add up. The shop to best handle your engine in Reno, NV, is Roy Foster’s Automotive. After all, just as important as a healthy engine is knowing who you can trust to do the job accurately and honestly. We’ve been serving Reno-area drivers through three generations since 1947, delivering superior engine repairs with the family touch.

Your Dealer Alternative for Engine Repair

Proper attention at the right time will ensure your engine’s ongoing performance. Then, assuming you want to spend your money sensibly, an expensive dealership is not the answer. Roy Foster’s Automotive stands as your affordable dealer alternative for engine repair, where we take pride in our modern equipment, ongoing education and overall expertise as a family-owned digital shop. We employ ASE Master Technicians who know the different engines on just about any American or Asian make. Behind the wheel of a Jeep, Hyundai, Cadillac or Lexus, you’ll be driving with the confidence of engine repairs performed completely and correctly.

Informed Decisions Beyond Engine Repair

At Roy Foster’s Automotive, while our team will quickly address any engine issues you bring to us, there’s more to the entire process. In addition to immediate engine repairs, we’ll furnish you with a long-term vehicle health plan based on the results of our thorough digital inspection. Perhaps there’s a small oil leak to monitor, a filter is getting dirty, or your tires are wearing down. In any case, you’ll have all the information, including a series of photos, to make informed decisions beyond engine repair, according to your own budget and priorities. For any work you authorize us to complete, we offer the NAPA Nationwide Peace-of-Mind Warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles.

Roy Foster's Automotive: Experience our Experience

Our business takes quality and customer service seriously. As a NAPA AutoCare Center, we follow a strict Code of Ethics so customers will know up front what to expect. As part of this code, we pledge to:

Perform high-quality diagnostic and repair services at a fair price, using quality NAPA parts.

Employ ASE-certified technicians in all areas of work we perform.

Dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction. Exercise reasonable care for the customer's property while it is in our possession.

Provide a system for fair settlement of customer complaints, should they occur.

Maintain the highest standards in the automotive service profession.


Engine Repair in Reno, NV
36 month/ 36,000 mile warranty

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Roy Foster’s Automotive is your trustworthy digital shop in Reno, NV, for engine repair, where we provide comprehensive automotive service with the family touch.

Digital vehicle inspection

We are a Digital Shop

Our technicians use the latest technology to not only tell you if there are any problems with your vehicle, but show you. If we uncover an issue, we'll email a photo of it to you for your review. At the end of every visit you'll receive a detailed report regarding the general health of your vehicle. Our #1 goal is to keep you safe on the road.

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